Payment Arrangements in Accepting this Service

Terms of Trade:

Bright Track Ltd warrants to provide a service and you, as the client, warrant to pay for this service.

The service is deemed to be delivered at the time of the client’s appointment.

All accounts are payable at the time of appointment unless you have made other arrangements.

Other arrangements include:

  • Payment by electronic banking – account details on Invoice

  • Payment by posting a cheque on your return home

  • Payment on invoicing

Payment is expected within 7 days of the service being provided.

You acknowledge that you have been made aware of the cost of the service required.

Bright Track Ltd has the right to review the cost of service from time to time.

Interest will be charged at the bank rates + 5% on any account still outstanding 30 days after the due date. Debt recovery and other legal costs will be met by the customer.

We will assume that you have read and acknowledge these Terms of Trade mailed/emailed to you with your Confirmation of Appointment Letter or email and which are available on our website unless you call us to discuss these terms.

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Lesley Hooson & Stephen Gully


Bright Track Ltd

March 2019