Turn your career questionnaire results into a practical career action plan

Finding your dream job may seem impossible but, in reality, discovering a career path that suits you well is easier than you think.

If you are aged 15-30 years, then Smithells®NZ has developed a system designed to help you figure out the specific career paths you are likely to enjoy and do well at.

As a complete career planning system, Smithells®NZ combines online questionnaires with high-quality face to face career counselling to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself so that you can develop clear career directions.

Smithells®NZ – New Zealand’s Trusted Career Planning System

  • Smithells®NZ questionnaires have helped over 20,000 young people discover their career path

  • Smithells®NZ has been effective for over 25 years

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Meet Lesley – Your Approved Smithells®NZ Professional

Hi, I’m Lesley. I’m a career professional and coach with a depth of experience in an interesting blend of people-centred roles. People that I work with tell me that I am approachable, encouraging and supportive.

My own career journey has been exciting, adventurous, challenging and rewarding and it offers me a useful perspective and value in my work with clients.

I initially trained as a Physiotherapist, and during my “OE” to Canada I took the opportunity to specialise in Hand Therapy, gaining an insight into a wide range of occupations and industries.

At the end of my OE, we decided to sail our yacht back home across the Pacific, which gave me a wonderful experience of different cultures along the way.

Back in New Zealand, during my sons’ secondary school years, I used my career in physiotherapy by volunteering as a Physiotherapist to the Northland Secondary School rep rugby team.

When my sons were nearing the end of their teenage years, I was determined to set them up for a rewarding, enjoyable career path, so I took them on a road trip (by train and bus!) around New Zealand visiting tertiary institutions. They were delighted to discover their own preferred and enjoyable careers as a result.

After my boys left for university, I decided to complete my own Bachelor Business Studies. I added a Graduate Diploma in Career Development, and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. This gave me an understanding of the education sector and qualification frameworks which inform my career development work. I also undertook the Smithell’s training to become an Approved Smithells® Professional. I have a strong belief in ethical business and also work with young people in my role with Rotary International.

I am passionate about helping people see possibilities and move forward positively as they consider their personal and career options.

My areas of expertise

  • Career Development Coaching

  • Training and Facilitation

  • Human Resource Management

  • Outplacement and Career Transition

My industry sector experience

  • Health

  • Education

  • Small Business Management

  • Finance and Investment Advising

  • Consulting

With a people career spanning over 40 years, Lesley is a highly qualified Careers Advisor

With a people career spanning over 40 years, Lesley is a highly qualified Careers Advisor


Call Lesley to talk you through the process.


Joel’s story 

Hi Lesley, I just wanted to thank you and give you some feedback following your assessment with our son Joel last year. Your assessment helped confirm the best study path for Joel and that the career options he was considering were suited to him.

He completed the assessment for Air New Zealand Aeronautical school in December, was quickly accepted and started the course this year. Joel is really enjoying the course and doing very well. It was definitely the right path for him to study engineering, with his kinaesthetic learning style. He is enjoying his classmates and finding he has lots in common with them, as they also are interested in engines, cars and other machinery!

Thank you so much for your guidance and time and being flexible to travel to Christchurch earlier to accommodate the assessment with Joel.
— Mother of Joel, aged 17

Meeting face to face and working through the questionnaire results and card sorts enables me to identify when specific career ideas lift the young person’s energy or passion. We then pick up on these ideas in the action plan.
— Lesley

Start your Smithells®NZ career journey today, and set yourself up for success THIS year

As one of only two Approved Smithells®NZ Professionals in the South Island, Lesley finds herself swamped with enquiries about finalising appropriate subject, education, or training selections in July, August.

Lesley works from her office in Richmond Nelson and only has a limited number of appointments available in Christchurch. So you don’t want to find yourself missing out when the pressure comes on. Which is why we recommend you contact her and start your Smithells®NZ journey earlier in the year, so you can set yourself up for success right away.

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