Reach your full potential in your professional or leadership role

Working in a professional or leadership role comes with a high level of responsibility, and sometimes you can’t openly address and discuss the challenges and ethical issues you face. This can lead to stress, which impacts on your personal wellbeing, and you may miss out on valuable learning opportunities.

Let’s change that! With our professional supervision service, we’ll collaboratively and confidentially work through specific professional practice issues you are facing in a safe environment. That way, you can grow in your competencies with more clarity and confidence.

We can help you…

  • Reflect on challenges you have faced in your role

  • Explore your assumptions, feelings and beliefs

  • Identify and overcome barriers to future success

  • Step back and reflect on your work as a professional/leader

  • Develop a trusting professional relationship

The bottom line: You expand your professional/leadership skills, increase your wellbeing, and thrive at work while improving client outcomes

Benefits of professional supervision

  • Opportunities to reflect and link knowledge and practice

  • Better outcomes for clients

  • Increased competence and confidence

  • Increased well being

  • Reduced personal and professional isolation

  • Working within an ongoing collaborative trusting relationship

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Meet Stephen – Your Professional Supervisor

Hi, I’m Stephen. I’m a professional supervisor with a depth of experience in engaging with professionals, and leaders. My approach is to create a safe environment where reflective learning takes place through non-judgemental questioning, listening, affirming, challenging and reframing. I use the Reflective Learning Model for supervision.

My specific professional experience is with people related professions, and my depth of experience is supported with a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision and accreditation as a Business Mentor.

I am intrinsically curious, with a thirst for learning and a strong belief in ethical practice and self-care. I have a natural affinity with people, being able to quickly and easily establish deep working relationships. I am naturally an encourager who uses an appropriate sense of humour.

My areas of expertise

  • Coaching and Professional Supervision

  • Leadership and Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Career Development

  • Outplacement and Career Transition

  • Change Management

  • Hospital Chaplaincy

My industry sector experience

  • Local Government

  • Health

  • Not for Profit

  • Small Business Management

With a people career spanning over 40 years, Stephen is a highly qualified professional supervisor

With a people career spanning over 40 years, Stephen is a highly qualified professional supervisor


How it works

Circular infographic in Bright Track colours describing four stages of a professional supervision relationship.
I worked with Stephen Gully for three years and throughout this time he provided Professional Supervision and Leadership Coaching to me.

In leadership you can become very isolated and insular, and through Stephen I found a confidential refuge where I could download, explore and develop effect strategies. His pragmatic wisdom and rich professional and personal experiences have given him great insight and perceptiveness that enables him to get to the ‘heart of the matter’ with ease.

I recommend Bright Track – Career Development Specialists to anyone wanting to flourish in their career and personal life.
— Melanie Stanton, Managing Director

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