Reach your business goals faster with a happy and committed team

As an employer, you understand that your company’s most valuable resource is its people. All companies – large and small – need strong people on board to move them towards their business goals and sustainably increase their bottom line.

Yet a recent study by Gallup* research institute found that only 24 per cent of employees in New Zealand feel engaged at work. In other words, only about 1 in 4 workers are committed to their jobs and are likely to be making positive contributions to the success of their organisations.

Shockingly, the remaining three quarters of our workforce are either not engaged at work (60%), or even actively disengaged (16%), which poses a severe threat and financial liability to their organisations.

That’s why it’s vital to raise the bar on employee engagement by looking after your team and bringing in professional HR support when you need it.

We can help you retain your strong people and attract the right players to help you reach your business goals. 

*(Reference: Crabtree, Steve. “Worldwide, 13% of employees are engaged at work.” Gallup, last modified October 8 (2013).)

We help you come up with an action plan to…

  • Ensure your people are in the right place in the organisation based on their attitudes, skills, and values

  • Change behaviour in the workplace

  • Facilitate employee transitions in the workplace

So you can reach your strategic business goals


Our Professional HR Support Services


Employee Development

We facilitate career and staff development to meet your business goals and identify the work skills and values of your employees

We can help…

  • Develop a people plan to meet your business strategy to ensure staff are competent and engaged to meet future needs

  • Map individuals’ abilities and work values

  • Identify gaps in knowledge and skill sets within a business

The bottom line: Your team is happy and productive, and your business is future-proofed with a staff development plan


We offer coaching for business owners, leaders, and staff to help you succeed in personal or organisational change

We can help you…

  • Understand and remove roadblocks that are keeping you from success

  • Feel supported by offering guidance in a trusted and productive relationship

  • Keep accountable and on track

  • Achieve your desired outcomes

The bottom line: You succeed with your change, expand your personal abilities, and enhance your resilience

Outplacement Support

We support employees facing redundancy through outplacement counselling and by facilitating career change

We can help you…

  • Meet your moral obligations by providing your employee with the opportunity for a new future

  • Support your employee to identify their transferable skills and abilities

  • By ensuring your employees feel safe and well looked after

The bottom line: You meet your moral obligations and protect your reputation, and your employee is equipped with an outcome-focussed action plan for a positive future

Vocational Rehabilitation

We equip employees for success in a new job when they can no longer continue in their work due to injury or medical event

We can help…

  • Complete an occupational assessment, which provides information to guide decisions on future work

  • Create an occupational plan and programme based on a medical assessment

  • Implement and monitor a clear action plan

The bottom line: Your employee can follow a new career path that suits their current life situation

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Yes, it was great to have an explanation for my work pattern. I, too, am looking forward to see how I use all that new information.
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